7/8" dia. U-Bolt

  • $14.90

Our U-bolts are custom made to your specifications in our facility from 100% rust-resistant steel, sourced entirely from the USA.  Each U-Bolt comes with a matching pair of washers and high nuts.


How to Measure U-Bolts:

To find the dimensions for your U-bolts, please follow the directions below:

1. Measure the diameter of the rod on the thread (A).

2. Measure the leg of the bolt, from the top of the inside of the bend to the bottom (B).

3. Measure the distance between the inside of the legs (C).

Note the type of bend.


U-Bolt Reuse

PLEASE NOTE: Removed U-Bolts should NEVER be reused; they should be discarded.

Suspension U-Bolts are manufactured with a smooth cold-rolled thread, while the mating Hi-Nuts are manufactured with sharp cut threads. When a U-Bolt is tightend to its recommended torque level, the U-Bolt threads stretch as they mate with the Hi-Nuts. Although, not always visible to the naked eye, this damages the threads. Removing the Hi-Buts from the U-Bolt will cause a cross-threading that will not allow the U-Bolt to be adequately re-torqued.

A common practice in most maintenance facilities is to use an impact wrench to tighten U-Bolts. Consistent, accurate torque is next to impossible to obtain with an impact wrench, and in most cases an over-torqued fastener is the result. We recommend using a torque wrench when installing U-Bolts. New U-Bolts should be torqued after 2 weeks of usage.


Return Policy

Please note that custom U-Bolts cannot be returned and are nonrefundable.